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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready for my Close Up: Upcoming Television Appearance

Tomorrow on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 I will making my first ever television appearance. I will be appearing on local CBS television station WYOU and speaking guessed it..."Gadgets, Games and Gizmos." The live segment will appear at 11:00 EST.The idea of the show is to encourage interaction between the person "making the news" and the viewers so you are encouraged and welcome to call in.

Actually, for this segment of WYOU Interactive, I will be talking about the "Positive Value of Video Games"...just in time for the holidays. During the piece, anchor, Eric Scheiner, and I will be discussing the positive traits of video games and how children are actually learning valuable lessons from those games.

With Christmas on the horizon, many parents are confronted with buying video games while still believing that they are just a “waste of time” and are “rotting their kids brains.” But parents should consider video games in a positive light.

For example, with video games, kids actually learn business skills, problem-solving methods and how to react to a changing world. Skills that will be invaluable as they graduate and enter the information age workforce.

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bschlenker said...

Karl! Congrats! That's awesome!
Good luck!

Karl Kapp said...

Brent, thanks, I am really excited and bit nervous but looking forward to it nevertheless.

Ryan Reilly said...

Will there be a digital version you can post on this blog? I live outside of the viewing area but would like to see it.

Karl Kapp said...


It is now posted, see the Post "Roll The Tape!"