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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CAC-Panel Discussion-Consulting/Contracting

Next, we had a panel discussion called Working Collaboratively and Independently Simultaneously:Independent and Contractor and Small Business Forum. The panel consisted of Robyn Defelice, Jennifer Pearson, Brad Keller, Jonathan Jones and Phil Charron and had great information about being an independent contractor/consultant.
The discussion focused on non-compete agreements, intellectual property and other issues related to creating content and ideas for clients. The discussion also centered around how each person got started as a contractor.

A suggestion was made to set expectations with employers about when travel is possible and when travel is not possible, especially as related to family issues. The idea is not to suprise the company for whom you are working.

A discussion about scoping and dealing with scope creep gathered a lot of interest. Fixed-price and time and material issues are discussed as well. Advice was to give a really specific scope for the project and people that hire contractors look for contractors who ask questions to help define scope. You can also ask for a "learning curve" path to help you learn more about the processes and prcedures of your client.

A good discussion was occured concerning networking and finding business. It was mentioned that the best leads are generated based on the "good work" and performance that you have done. So good work is fundamental for getting more work. Also, the need for balancing work and life was discussed.


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