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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CAC-InfoLogix--Tom Kruezberger

Tom's topic was mobile learning and the importance of building solutions to match the needs of the client.

InfoLogix follows a fiver step process to develop instruction which consists of:
Change Management
Knowledge Acquisition
Knowledge Application
Continuing Improvement

Tom talked about not everyone wanting mobile learning and gave an example of hand held devices being returned with screw drivers in them. (we were using them as a stylist and it accidently went through the screen.)

Some examples of people using mobile learning are:
Home Health Care Professionals
MBNA 4000 Marketing Reps

Tom underlined that fact that you need to find the WIIFM for the end user. (What's In It For Me.)

He found that for information acquisition, you need to use traditional e-learning methods. But use actual screen size on the actual hand held device. Make everything the same screen size as the actual application.

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