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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fun at the PA/DE/NJ Conference

Great audience for the Keynote at the PA/DE/NJ Distance Learning Conference. We had over 100 attendees at the keynote. They were engaged and active. We had fun with the subject and they recognized many of the traits I discussed in both incoming employees to their organizations as well as their own kids.

Here I am discussing the traits of the gamers....Multi-Tasking, Confident, Problem-Solvers, Social Resilent...

I was even able to sell and sign a few books at the event. Here I am signing a book for Stephanie who has two someone with two sons myself...I wished her luck:)

Here I am discussing the age differences in usage of the web. And refering to the graph What Are People Doing? This is a great resource and a real eye opener in terms of looking at what different age groups do on the web. (I've posted this before but it deserves another posting.)

The conference is a good event. I was able to see a number of alumni from the program, see some old friends and make some new friends as we all discussed how to create engaging, interactive learning for the upcoming generation of techno-savvy employees.

For a list of resources related to the presentation see my posting Links Related to PA /DE/NJ DLA Conference Keynote or just scroll down to the next entry on this blog.


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