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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CAC-Louis Biggie

We needed an ad hoc presentation and Louis Biggie stepped up to the plate and gave a great presentation on teaching conversational modeling which tells people not what to do...but how to do it. The learning modules provide different examples of a difficult conversation and provides people the chance to focus on practicing skills like empathy, dealing with negative emotions and other things that can't be automated or outsourced.

One question asked was "How do you teach someone to deal with "curve balls?" Louis indicated that the best strategy for that is to wrap the e-learning modules around coaching and instruction which tells learners that they will experience problems at some point and they need to be prepared but the e-learning module will help but is not the final answer to dealing with difficult topics.

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Edski said...

Does Mr. Biggie have slides or a paper he could share? I am actually working on content for a course in "dealing with difficult conversations" and would be interested in Mr. Biggie's take.

Moyey said...

I would be very glad to talk to you! (Dr. Kapp has my contact information.)

But you might also want to go to:
(Username = guest; password = fruitloop)

You will be able to see the stuff that I showed in my presentation and other materials too.