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Friday, November 03, 2006

Shout Out: Waleed Jameel

Shout Out: Waleed Jameel

Every once in a while I am going to do a “Shout Out” to a person who has influenced me in one way or another. The Shout Out will be a recognition and a Thank You to that person. In fact, for my first "Shout Out" I should have recognized this person sooner especially on this blog but…

Anyway, a special thanks to Waleed Jameel who taught me about blogging. Many years—long before anyone was really blogging—Waleed was a student in the Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University. He came to my office one day and said, “Dr. Kapp, you should be blogging.” To that I replied, “Waleed, what is blogging?”

He carefully explained it to me and I carefully and politely listened and then said, as only a professor can say, “thank you for the information Waleed, but ALL I need in my life is one more thing I have to do every day.” I then promptly forgot about blogging. Yes, a professor of instructional technology failed—when first introduced to it—to see how powerful and effective blogging could be. Waleed knew but I did not.

Well years later, here I am blogging. I feel a little behind the curve. If I had followed Waleed’s advice, I would be a wily veteran of thousands of blog entries, instead, today I have less than one hundred. However, not a blog is written by myself that I do not think of Waleed. The student who could have taught his teacher…if only the teacher had listened.

Thanks Waleed and a big Shout Out to you!

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