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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogcast Bloomsburg: The Phoenix Group

Cliff showed some examples of the work his company does to help clients meet their performance needs.

Cliff gave examples of how his company designed a postcard telling the learners about a learning event that was going to happen, then they sent out an email and then they sent out a "movie trailer" to link the learner into the educational site. The movie trailer provided mystery and intrigue that attracted learners. The learning center has "Easter eggs" all over the place to keep the learners interested in the learning that is happening.

He also showed a project targeted toward professional photographers they did for Canon. The product allows the learner to drag and drop items to create what appears to be a hi-resolution photograph allowing the photographer to view different types of papers and make a decision about which paper makes the most sense.

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David Weatherbee said...

Very polished work, and an engaging presentation.

Chris Chappell said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and coin the term "Viral Training." (Too late, it's already been done! ;-P ) I enjoy the concept of merging eLearning and viral marketing techniques. It would be great for informal learning to create pass-around training modules that one person would email to another, ala Jib-Jab. Training = Fun !?!?!

pam said...