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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogcast from Bloomsburg: Innovative Technology vs. Real World Restrictions

David talked about Innovative Technology vs. Real World restrictions. Dave focuses more on the technology side of the business than the instructional design aspects.
He talked about what types of technologies people have on their computers. Most people see Flash 8 players materials and think they are awesome but in many corporate environments (especially largers ones), they have not yet deployed Flash 8. They still have Flash 7.

He cautioned that in many times you need to "calm down" the client in terms of technological wishes because they want more than their current environment may be able to handle.

He showed a project he did for Symbol technologies in which the learner meets characters and follows the character to different areas of an organizaton to hear how they use bar code equipment.

David recommends that you talk to the client to see exactly what they want instead of trying to do high-end video. Stop looking at the technology and start thinking about what the client wants to do it.

David recommends and as good resources.


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Anonymous said...

To see one of the demos, and click on Take the Solution Tour link and skip the intro.

Anonymous said... and for Flash code

Anonymous said...

I mentioned two pieces of software that are very useful for some of the approaches we discussed. First, for video keying, I recommend Ultra II, from Serious Magic. For extra functionality in flash "actionscripting", as well as installation tools, I find Zinc, from a company called MultiDmedia.

Lon said...

David, where can I find the javascript you mentioned to circumvent the Activation required for swf files?