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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ROI: E-Learning on a Shoestring

I talk to many clients who wonder how they can afford to develop and deliver e-learning when budgets are being cut, staffs are being reduced and the cost of e-learning development software keeps rising. One answer is the work done by Jane Bozarth. She has written a book titled E-Learning on a Shoestringwhich describes how you can implement low cost solutions to cover basic e-learning needs.

Here are several free resources you might want to check out:

My interview with Jane at

A summary of her book from

My review of her book at

Her web site at

Her blog at

You can even purchase her reasonably priced book below:


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Anonymous said...

Dr. Kapp -

I have just finished reading your interview Jane Bozarth and I find it absolutely amazing how much money these companies are wasting. Currently I am working for a large pharmaceutical company for my graduate assistant project and they actually do have a good grasp of what the technology out there can do. The training I am developing simply uses the Breeze plug-in for PowerPoint (which is FREE) so that I can import Flash-based quizzes and other graphical images.

I know that you are not a big fan of old-fashioned, page-turner eLearning, but sometimes it can be very effective. When you are teaching fact-based knowledge like definitions these types of eLearning are perfect. I am so amazed that some vendors are able to convince these companies that they need to buy $1300 plug-ins for PowerPoint so they can have a talking head or some voice narration in their training. This makes me wonder about quality of their in-house training team.

How are these vendors able to come into a company and convince them that they need these items without someone inside the company saying “Hold the fort! We can do that for free.” I just find it really bizarre that there is no one there to wave the flag to these people. Also, wouldn’t some of these vendors be better off offering these companies, low-cost eLearning solutions that they can get return business and a good name out there for themselves?

Great interview, really eye-opening!

Jane Bozarth said...

And now a word from Jane Bozarth: