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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ROI: Calculators for Determining E-Learning ROI

Here are a number of links to sites that contain calculators for determining the ROI of e-learning. Sometimes it is e-learning vs. stand up training and sometimes not. Some required an email to obtain and some do not. If you know of any others, please inform me and I will add to the list.

E-Learning Guru has some resources on the ROI Topic with some calculators as well, scroll down the page a little.

This calculator is very interactive and is not a spreadsheet. It is from KnowledgeAnywhere.

Here is one from William Horton Consulting, Inc. This page contains ROI calculators and some additonal information as well.

Here is Learnativity's Calculator section. You will find several calculators listed. Note: Not all are still active. It seems many calculators are no longer calculating ROI for e-learning.

Avatech has a Training and Support ROI calculator which is interesting.

For fun. Here is an ROI Quiz you can take to measure your understanding of determining ROI for learning interventions.

There are a couple of whitepapers describing ROI at my web site. You can check them out in my Archive section.

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Anonymous said...

these calculations are pretty spot on... thanks mate... :)

Anonymous said...

to follow up on my comment, you can look at these elearning tools