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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogcast from Bloomsburg: Leveraging Optimal Software Training

Alum Scott Fisher and Shawn Rosler talked about how they are using Captivate to create user training on a software system used for electronic medical records. The training they create are e-learning modules that emulate the software system but they use those modules in class to make the training easier and more effective for the learners sitting in class.

Scott and Shawn develop the training used to teach doctors and others how to navigate the medical record system. So the doctors can spend less time with the software system and more time with patients.

The use of Captivate has saved time in stand up software training classes. When the software e-learning modules are done in class, it reduces training time from 3 hours to 45 minutes. Learners don't get lost on a different screen, don't hit the wrong buttons and don't end up on a screen that no one knows how to return back from.

Also Geisinger has saved milage payments to attendess and they have reduced the administration efforts substantially.


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pam said...

While Scott and Shawn were talking about how easy Captivate is, I redid an entire module for a project we just delivered because the file had gotten corrupted and wasn't completing properly in the LMS.

Shawn said...

I've run into that several times, as well...I guess nothing is perfect! But, from an ease of use and ease of creation aspect, I would be okay with still betting my career on Captivate!