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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog Book Tour Recap Week Two: Fabulous!!

Week two of the blog book tour was hectic. We had five fabulous online stops, live stops and even webinars and in-worldinars (yes, I made that word up, feel free to dismiss it).

We also announced the first two winners of the Twitter #lrn3d hashtag award, finally got a badge for tour stops and a number of blogsophere folks commented on the tour on their blogs.

If you missed last week's blog book tour recap, here it is.

Here is the recap for week 2.

Day Six
Jane Bozarth at The Bozarth Zone in her blog entry Learning in 3D Blog Book Tour Stop pulled a particularly interesting post from the book and asked her readers to think about technology in general and not to blame technology when poor instructional design is at the foundation of a "technology" failure.

Day Seven
Mark Viquesney over at his tour stop Learning in 3D blog Tour - Here at TechSpectives! took a slightly different approach. As a writer, himself, Mark thought that rather than writing about the book, he asked us about the writing process. His questions provoked the two of us to reflect on the writing of Learning in 3D. One of the first questions he asked was "What parts of the book did you best like writing?"

Day Eight
Rupa Rajagopalan at The Writer's Gateway created a post Learning in 3D is Fascinating! that picked up some interesting quotes and tidbits from the book and added her thoughts and insights into some of the content. She also liked how the book had lots of tips for instructional designers who are going to create a 3D Learning Environment.

Day Nine
At Brent Schlenker's blog Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development, he wrote about his long wait for 3D learning environments to finally take off. He is a big fan of 3D virtual learning environments and he hopes that with the book Learning in 3D we will begin to see the acceptance of VIEs in corporate training. That's our hope as well, let's keep our fingers crossed. Although, interestingly, Koreen Olbrish, a contributor to the book and future tour stop, wonders aloud Do virtual world evangelists REALLY want them to go mainstream?

Day Ten
In the tour stop, Instructional Design for a Virtual World, Christy Tucker over at Experiencing E-Learning does a great job of dissecting the chapter on ADDIE. She lists six design principles we identified in the book and the provides her own ideas on those principles.

Winners Announced
We choose from random two folks who have tweated about the book using the hashtag #lrn3d. The winner for week one is Paul Simbeck-Hampson.

The winner for week two is Barry Shields who also took one of Tony's tweets from the book and expanded the idea in his blog entry What strategic value does the central learning function provide?

Live and Online Presentations
Tony and I were also busy with online and live presentations.

On Tuesday, Day Seven of the tour, Tony appeared live at the ProtonMedia Life Sciences 2010 event (see the video) held in Malvern, Pa., in partnership with Microsoft. Attending the event was Brian Miller of Cognitive Technologies who wrote about the event in Virtual Mind Folders.

Also on Tuesday, Day Seven of the tour, Karl presented a keynote address titled "Understanding Digital Diversity" at Bloomfield College's Faculty Technology Showcase. See the slides and resources here.

That same day, Tuesday, Day Seven of the tour, Karl presented at the eLearning Guild's Thought Leader Series. You can see the resources for the event here.

On Thursday, Day Nine of the tour, Tony and I met with the Train for Success group lead by Anders Gronstedt of The Gronstedt Group as part of our online book tour. You can read about the meeting at Train for Success Meeting was a Success!

On Friday, Day Ten of the tour, Karl presented at The Learning Tree International's Learning Leader's Forum. He met up with some alumni and had a great time you can read about it at Presentation Resources for Learning Tree Presentation.

Word Cloud
Tony created a cool word cloud for chapter one of the book.

Visit a Virtual World
The Learning Archetypes from Chapter 5 can be seen in ProtonMedia by logging into their demo build and going to Learning Archetypes under Location.

Fans on the Facebook page for Learning in 3D grew to 90 this week.

Learning in 3D got as high as 29,289 on Amazon and was finally released on Amazon! and the Kindle version is selling extremely well also.

If you are interested in the book, check out the web site, or consider purchasing a copy for yourself.


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