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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Train for Success Meeting was a Success!

Today, Tony O'Driscoll and I had the pleasure of meeting with the Train for Success group lead by Anders Gronstedt of The Gronstedt Group as part of our online book tour.

We met at the United States Holocaust Museum where we ran into, by accident, David Klevan the Education Manager at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was great running into David because he is a contributor to the book!

Also in attendance were Ken Hudson, Managing Director of the Virtual Worlds Design Centre at Loyalist College, who contributed to the book and Light Sequent aka Lesley Scopes who wrote a wonderful master's thesis called Learning Archetypes as Tools of Cybergogy for 3D Educational Landscape: A Structure for eTeaching in Second Life some of which we adapted for Learning in 3D.

So it was great to virtually interact with everyone. It was a really good discussion and excellent questions were asked and answered by many members of the group. It was so exciting to speak with people who are doing fun things in virtual worlds and to see how the group illustrates a top-notch example of peer-to-peer learning with different people contributing different knowledge nuggets.

The talk also helped with the book, see Tony's entry Learning in 3D Update: #2 In Kindle Sales (Training). Hey this virtual stuff really works.

I took this picture of the gathering.

Lots of folks for the Train for Success meeting.

But while I was taking pictures, so were group members. Here are a couple of pics by Ken Hudson.

Tony and Karl aka Wadda and Abbott talk about Learning in 3D.

Great discussion at Train for Success

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