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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog Book Tour Recap Week Three: hectic

Week three was a bit hectic for the tour. First, Tony and I both had live appearances and then we had an early post, a post-poned post and a Saturday post...hectic but exciting. Here is the re-cap.

Day Eleven: Randy Hinrichs at his 2b3D's blog. Had an entry titled Welcome to 2b3d 3D Learning Blog Time where he talked about the fact that "3D virtual learning is about the experience" and not about the technology. He gives some great analogies so you want to check that out.

Day Twelve: Mike Qaissaunee at Frequently Asked Q wasn't able to post this week due to some "firefighting" at his place of work (those crazy "real jobs") but look for a post from him in the near future. We did, however, have an innovative post Mark Copeman at Being Smarter who created a mash up of Skype and his video program for an interesting discussion about the book tour itself. Take a few moments to view the video at A Blog Book Tour, Thinking Outside the Box.

Day Thirteen: Tom Haskins at his blog Growing, Changing, Learning, Creating focused his blog entry on the structure of the book. He did a wonderful job of describing the necessary dimensions of writing an effective, meaningful and helpful professional book in his post Learning in 3D Hits a Home Run. It turns out that Tony and I covered all the core areas indicated by Tom. At the time is was unknowingly but if Tony and I ever write another book, we are definitely following Tom's structure and so should you for your next book.

Day Fourteen: Janet Clarey who has a Brandon Hall Research Blog added a great case study (complete with video teaser) to the many examples of successful use of virtual immersive environments for learning in her post A peak at “Learning in 3D”

Day Fifteen: Was at Cammy Bean's blog, Learning Visions. I had hoped to catch up with Cammy when I was in Las Vegas this week for the ASTD TechKnowledge conference but, alas, we did not meet. Still only blog buddies and have never met face-to-face. Her entry Blog Book Tour: Learning in 3D #lrn3d. Also, I put a cameo of Cammy in the book, see if you can find her avatar Bliss You in the book:)

A Special Stop was posted by Stan Yann at The Ignorant Immigrant called Learning in 3D at this stop I did a guest post and wrote about my view of the writing process. If you are thinking of writing a book, you might be interested in how I approach writing.

Surprise Appearance: Also, this week, Clive Shepherd at Clive on Learning, jumped the gun a little and posted early because on his stop date he will be walking in the Canary Islands enjoying a real immersive experience sounds nice. Check out his entry Learning in 3D: a stop on the world blog book tour

Also, e-Learning Tyro over at e-Learning Planet named Karl Kapp one of the best bloggers of the week from January 17-24 which I can only assume was because of the book tour blog post entries.

In terms of sales, we had a great week, check out Tony's post Learning in 3D #1 Kindle Sales in Training and HR!

Live Tour Stops were:

Tony O'Driscoll presenting at Training Conference and Expo 2010. He did a keynote on January 31st called "Learning in 3D: How Web 2.0 is Changing the Game for Learning."

At the ASTD's TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas I gave a presentation on Friday morning, titled "Learning in 3D: Using Virtual Immersive Environments to add a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning."

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