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Monday, January 04, 2010

The Metaverse Journal's 2010 Virtual World Predictions

Here are ten predictions about virtual worlds in Australia and beyond made by The Metaverse Journal in an article simply titled Virtual worlds predictions for 2010.

Here is one of the interesting predictions
Australia will have its first government funded virtual environment – a proposal is already underway to see this come to fruition. Education will be the focus, but the foresight of the proposal’s facilitators is likely to ensure it involves business, education and government in a collaborative partnership.

Also, another interesting article in The Metaverse Journal is a review of how they did on their predictions for 2009. Check it out and see how accurate they were last year, 2009 predictions review

What are your virtual world predictions for 2010?

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Cynthia Shelton said...

I am having lots of problems in the world of blogs. So I am not really ready to predict anything with virtual worlds.

Karl Kapp said...

Cynthia :)

One thing at a time is always a good approach:) Best of luck wrestling with blogs. I have had my fair share of battles as well.

daniel john said...

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