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Friday, October 01, 2010


I've been blogging at Blogger since 2006, it is hard to believe that I have been blogging for so long. I've met great people through blogging, increased my own personal learning tenfold, stirred up some controversy a few times and enjoyed sharing some of my knowledge with others. of Monday, October 4th, I will be moving to a new location. I have been asked by Kaplan-EduNeering to blog on their site. After some discussion and soul searching about autonomy vs. resources to re-do the site and to subsidize my efforts, I have decided to blog at a new Kapp Notes location which is

It is going to be AWESOME! Kaplan-EduNeering has been doing some great work in the area of e-learning related to compliance training and is constantly pushing in new directions like social networking, game-based learning and some other innovative ideas.

I am going to continue to blog just the way I have always been blogging on just the topics and subjects I want to blog about. In fact, Kaplan-EduNeering moved all four years of my blog posts to the new site so all the information is in a single location and created category titles on the top of the page for easy and quick searching...we'll be refining as we go along.

Occasionally, I'll let me readers know about some of the things happening in with Kaplan-EduNeering but primarily I will be doing the same thing...just at a better designed site with more resources.

So, starting on MONDAY change your bookmarks, links and RSS feed to my new virtual address

We are still doing some work on the new site but it promises to provide more information at your finger tips and is a little easier to navigate and they are even making me a "Kapp Notes" icon/button.

Please join me over at the new Kapp Notes over at Kaplan-EduNeering.

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