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Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 Predictions for Learning and Technology at eLearn Mag

The annual predications for eLearn Magazine from a bunch of folks in the eLearning and learning and technology fields. Predictions for 2010

Check of the predications and add your own!

Here is the long version of my 100 word prediction.
Virtual Immersive Environments (VIEs) for corporate use will gain additional traction in 2010 with some major announcements concerning integration with more traditional enterprisewide software systems such as MS SharePoint. This in spite of the fact that virtual worlds still seem to be in the “Trough of Disillusionment” in the technology Hype Cycle. VIEs will begin to pull out of the trough toward the fourth quarter of 2010 as productive uses of these worlds begin to be exploited. This will be fueled by a number of breakthrough examples of real learning and productivity results from 3D virtual world learning implementations.

These implementations will capture the imagination of more and more CLOs and the activity around virtual immersive environments will pick up. As the industry comes out of the trough there will be a bit of a shake up in terms of player consolidation, new player arrivals and existing players seizing a larger market share. Second Life Enterprise edition will finally “get off the ground” and make some impact.

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