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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring CAC 2007: ESP Systems

ESP Systems create an innovative system to help servers and bus-people in a resturant know when customers want their check or want to clear the table. Drew Palmer explained how their system works and who they need to create e-learning for.

Their audience is 19-22 year olds with a turn over of about 150% who need to learn how their system works. So they wanted to use e-learning to support their business. They view it as a "huge" driver of their business. If they are effective in e-learning, they will be effective with thier product.

They train 6,300 learners a year with e-learning. They are hoping to get 70-80,000 learners a year when they partner with a national resturant chain. The courses they develop are about 20 minutes. The big issue is integrating their solution with the Point of Sale systems in the resturants.

Their goal is to embedded interactivity into the learning constantly through the learning environment. They want the learner to "feel" that the course is shorter than it actually is.

They want to move toward gaming with a scenario where the learner is waiting on a table and they have to react to input and then make decisions. The game would assign points based on the system. They also have a challenge of how to deliver training via an iPod or cell phone and then how does that cell phone become a communication vehicle.

They are actually trying to create the concept of having learners upload interesting pieces and ideas to a web site much like YouTube. The learners themselves would capture the "learning moments" they would be placed on the site and the accessed by others, perhaps via a cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

Devin Green is brilliant. Read about this in Business 2.0. What a great idea!! So simple but so smart!! I hope he has a patent on this technology. If they have an IPO, I'll buy some shares. Good luck ESP. I'll finally get my food faster and hotter.