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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring 2007 CAC: The Phoenix Group and Xerox Corporation Presentation

Cliff Sobel from The Phoenix Group and James Knittel from Xerox presented a solution they jointly created and how they developed entertaining ways to get across information about their new products. Transferring knowledge that the sales reps from Xerox could use.

Cliff mentioned that there were four key issues with existing training that needed to be addressed.

1) Type of training that was previously delivered was dry and a little difficult to get through.
2) Traffic to online learning courses was a low
3) It had a lack of interactivity
4) There is so much information that needed be be memorizee and kept track of that the reps felt overwhelmed.

The answer was to develop a highly interactive site using the underlying concept of motorcycles as a unifying theme because of a male dominated audience in their early to mid-thirties.

User could "play" certain elements of the instruction, for example a WD-40 can in the corner could be clicked on and then it would spray.

They also highlighted how the product was linked to applications the sales reps customers were involved in.

Finally, they showed a configurator that was used to show how different variations could be created out of the components of the copier system. The solution increased the use of the training dramatically...from a sub-10% up to over 75%.

The training provided a lot to the salesforce in terms of helping them to understand how to configure a solution and then present that solution to the client.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Traffic to online learning courses was a low possibly because it was very unpopular then and still unpopular now people are beginning to get degrees online and really starting to work at it.

I believe that the issues addressed are no longer issues today due to basic changes.

However i would like to know how #4 "There is so much information that needed be be memorizee and kept track of that the reps felt overwhelmed." was solved. this would be really interesting to know how to solve. Because this happens to so many people in so many different situation whether it be university, a training course for work, etc.

Keep up the good work,