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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Game Consoles Take Over

"In any given minute of the day, about 1.6 million people in the U.S. are using a video game console."

This according to research released by Nielsen Wireless and Interactive Services, a service of The Nielsen Company.

The research goes on to say that 41.1% of all TV households own at least one game console (our household owns a PS3 and Wii not to mention the PS2 and Nintendo 64...and not including any hand-held platforms.)

As stated in the press release:
“The video game console has become a major player in the battle for the living room,” said Jeff Herrmann, Vice President of Nielsen Wireless and Interactive Services. “In households across the country, consoles are successfully competing for consumers' time and attention; not simply as gaming platforms, but as multimedia hubs that also can deliver high quality digital movies and IPTV.”

So does your training or academic department own a game console? Are you even considering owning a game console within your department? Why not? Not professional or academic enough, your trainees and students are using them...shouldn't you.

Game consoles are powerful computers and multimedia devices, the clerk at Best Buy told us not to purchase a Blu-Ray disc player since we had a PS3...he said it plays the disks as well as the player and...get cheaper.

Read the entire press release. Read the entire report.

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