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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Second Life Build Begins for Class

Our instructional technology department has purchased a private island called "MSIT Island." I am using it for my class this semester and for one I will be teaching this summer. Currently two student teams are building educational environments on the island in accordance to an Request for Proposal created for my class.

I just had a meeting with one student today to work our securing his parsel of land from the other team so that each team (in a competitive situation) cannot "spy" on the other team. (gotta love human nature)

I am intrested in seeing how the project will progress and I will keep you posted on what they are doing. I can't reveal too much until the end of April since the class involves a bit of competition and I don't want to be accused of giving away any secrets.

But here is a snapshot of me and one of my students talking about using Second Life for his class project.


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