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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring 2007 CAC: Banker's Edge

Stacey Gawrys and Kevin Bennett from Banker's Edge.

The presentation was about how to add simple games to compliance training in the financial industry which is highly conservative.

Here are some of the compliants with many compliance e-learning courses:
-Just the facts--not engaging
-Dry and boring
-Staff just click through it yearly
-End users not really happy when it is time to complete the annual training

Interesting that they mentioned that most people taking the courses are in mid-20's but the people buying the training are older and that causes a little bit of a disconnect.

Future goals include:
-Engage a competitive spirit as much as possible
-Gear towards audience so they enjoy the games
-Design universal games to be used over and over again
-Develop customizable games to change content when needed for different topics

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