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Saturday, April 21, 2007

CAC Teams: Think e-Design

This student team consisted of Mary Beyer, Spring Taylor,
Hong Sun, and Heather Gee.

There solution was:

Think e-Design proposes to redesign the delivery platform within the current learning management system (LMS). Since PDFRS currently has an LMS, Think e-Design recommends utilizing this existing technology.

We propose to design SWAT (Secure Pennsylvania With Awareness Training) University. SWAT U will be an e-learning portal created for the two phases of requested e-learning modules. To reinforce security awareness and the performance-based objectives introduced in the Phase One online modules, the security personnel will enter Second Life for Phase Two. Second Life is a web-based, Three Dimensional (3D) virtual, multi-learner online role-play environment. In Second Life the security personnel will create an avatar (persona in the virtual world) that can socialize, interact and explore ‘real-world’ security awareness situations.

SWAT U will consist of a Welcome Center, a Learning Center, Learning Resources and Career Resources. The Learning Center will consist of the six required e-learning modules and a link to Second Life. We will build exercises and real world incidents to reinforce the learning objectives in the six training modules.

Think e-Design will use Raptivity, a rapid interactivity builder to design the six interactive e-learning modules. The modules will consist of performance-based objectives with a full assessment of the learner’s change in behavior.


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