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Saturday, April 21, 2007

CAC Teams: Emagine

This team won the "Best Presentation" and "Best Overall" award. It consisted of Ashley Kreischer, Yan Zhang, Marnie Welliver and Brian Seely.

Our solution focuses on the S.T.A.R. procedure based upon the results of the Wonderlic IQ test. In Phase One, we will develop 3 online courses which each consist of four components based on the S.T.A.R. procedure with focus on transitions from each phase to the real world. Phase Two will be produced in Second Life, a 3-D environment, where the learner will explore different areas and situations to address the possible threats. In Phase Three, a checklist will be provided to the PDFRS official that will be training security personnel.

Based on ADDIE, an instructional design model, and the ARCS motivational model, we will design the content for the security training courses. This includes objectives, content outline, test items, instructional strategies, flowcharts and storyboards. We will develop the content of security training courses by converting them into actual instructional courseware through our implemented Learning Management Systems, using Flash® Professional 8, Second Life and incorporating swif.t3D.

The components of Phase One will offer some 3-D pieces and many interactive elements. To accustom the learner to Second Life, we will use swif.t3D software that can create 3 D imagery. This can be easily incorporated into Flash® Professional 8, the industry standard for interactive software.

We will continue to use Moodle as our LMS, a SCORM compliant open source learning management system. Moodle will be used for content organization and to track learner performance and time spent within Phase One. In Phase Two, Sloodle will link Moodle with Second Life’s interactive objects to also track the learner. We will be using our trusted partner as a third party to host our created Moodle and courseware. put into use Second Life server software to accommodate the many users of the 3-D environment and speed up the connection.


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