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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Get the Glass

Did your mom always try to get you to drink your milk? She probably told you that drinking milk will help you grow up to be big and strong. If she was like my mom, she tried really hard but it was never any fun to drink my milk. I always wanted chocolate or even Pink Quick to make my milk taste better. (actually I only wanted the Pink Quick once...until I actually tasted it...not good.)

Anyway, the "Got Milk?" folks...the other people who want you to drink milk (besides your mom) have created a really fun and entertaining game to teach about the benefits of milk. It is a 3D online, interactive, board game. It is fun and cleverly incorporates a board game with mini-games (Games within the game).

Check out the Get the Glass Game. You'll have fun. Thanks to Helmut Doll for pointing this game out to me. The board game provides a nice storyline, multiple choice questions, interactivity and the "thrill" of being chased by the police. To roll the die, just pick up with with your mouse and drop it. It feels like rolling the real thing.

This is an interesting method of creating an online game that would be fun and educational, think of how you can place your instructional content into a game like this.

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BARTON said...

This is really put together well. Of specific interest is all the emphasis on context. Most of these flash-based games don't have much of a story or character-building mechanics. I like the way they set the stage and constantly build character profiles and continue the story element. I've been trying to emphasize context and storytellling in recent elearning projects, which appears to be working well.

good find

Karl Kapp said...

I have to agree, I think this is a great game and it combines the best of board games with a story line. My son and I really enjoyed playing it and we even learned some facts about milk along the way.

Ryan Reilly said...

This game has all the elements needed to capture the player's attention and support learning. I am big on visuals and this game design is top notch! Very interactive and the story line gives the game a life of its own. Thanks for bringing this game to my attention.