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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3D:TLC Panel Photographs

Here are the photographs of the panel discussion on teaching from the 3D: Teaching, Learning and Collaboration conference. The description of the panel is below. You can lean more about the panel at my post 3D: TLC Conference Pannel Discussion. Photos are courtesy of John Royer...thanks John!

From left to right are Karl Kapp (standing) Dick Riedl, Christopher Keesey, Sarah Robbins, and Mitzi Montoya.

TEACH: Applying 3D To More Effectively And Efficiently TEACH Courses. Engage with a panel of pioneering educators on how they are using 3D technologies to more effectively and efficiently TEACH their courses. The discussion will discuss students’ experiences in engaging in 3D avatar mediated instruction; evidence, empirical and anecdotal, will be shared on effectiveness and/or efficiency of teaching courses via this medium; lessons learned in teaching via this medium that other educators should know.

Panel reviewing and reacting to some data collected by Mitzi.

A lively question and answer session emerged during the panel discussion as questions were rapidly taken and answered.

Panel members respond to audience questions.

Hope to see you next year at the conference.

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