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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Server-Based Instructional Design Tool

Todd Osborn and Gabe Baumann from Landmark ASP Solutions presented a great tool for collaboratively developing a course using a server-based development platform. The tool allows subject matter experts scatter around the globe to comment on the course and provides great tracking of information as a course is being developed.

Gabe Baumann discussed how the tool allows for easy drag and drop of content right into the tool.

Some clients have cut development time by 1/3 because of the ease of commenting and corrections. Issue management gives a detailed history of what happened and when. You can track changes and produce a high quality course in less time.

Adding digital assets to a course is quick.

The tool is developed to be an authoring tool that can be used by a geographically dispirsed development team. Tool allows you to export course modules or slides to other formats if needed.

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