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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Instructional Design for Sports

Looking at how to teach sports with online learning elements.

Brian discusses the research behind the product he is developing.

How do we mix instructional design and sports education? Brian Seely is working on that answer. He is teaming with a group to provide an interesting and exciting method of teaching high school students about the right methods of playing certain sports.

He spoke about how he developed the idea, how he created content and how he is blending online instruction with hands on sports instruction.


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1 comment:

Amanda G said...

I thought that CAC overall was an overall great experience for networking and idea sharing. My favorite new idea that was shared was "Instructional Design for Sports" by Brian Seely. I think this innovative idea is going to change the way everyone thinks about sports, but especially coaches. I can't even tell you how many times I would forget a play in basket ball and my coaches would scream at me. I can also recall a few times where I actually got benched for not knowing a play. It is hard to really take in information while I was sweaty, tired, and thirsty. If I could have learned the plays while I was at home relaxing on my couch I think I would have had an easier time retaining the information. I think that using e-learning tools to develop training for sports is a great idea. Also, Brian really targeted his audience by using the talent which he did. The training would not have had the same effect if it was from a teacher or an older individual. Overall I was very excited by Brian's presentation and can't wait to see what happens in the future!

-Amanda Golasa 4/22/09