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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning Solutions at Johns Hopkins

Louis talks about creating good training and creating interest with images and audio...even if interactivity is minimal.

Louis Biggie, a veteran of CAC, presented on a couple of topics. One was about a program developed around the topic of cultural diversity and sensitivity. He discussed how to creatively develop instruction that appeals to learners and provides them with insight into diversity. Another topic was around how he guided the creation of SAP training on the campus. His group re-wrote and created a new curriculum to teach people about the SAP implementation so they could do their job with the software.

He discussed how they used Adobe Connect and other tools to provide a one stop shop for information about the software. They had 20 minute presentations with 40 minutes of questions so people can get the information they need. He also described how they used technologies they already had in place to help with the learning process.

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Anonymous said...

E-learning solutions have several advantages to the learner: Things such as, increased retention, reduced learning time, On-demand availability, self-pacing, interactivity and confidence that refresher or quick reference materials are available reduces
burden of responsibility of mastery.