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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Change Management

Shawn reviewing the objectives of change management.

In these busy times, Shawn Milheim provided some ideas about change management. He discussed how learning professionals help other to adopt behaviors and provide tools to help others adapt to change.

he talked about hte strategic importance of change management and how managing change processes actually lead to an increase in ROI. He showed a slide that contrasted companies that have actively managed change vs. companies that have not.

He also pointed out that 70% of change initiatives fall short of expectations because of the people issues including the inability to laed, ineffecdtive leadership teams and management's inabilit y execute strategy.

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Tomi said...

I am not surprised that the number is as high as 70%. Today organizations are faced with an ever growing challenge to stretch each dollar in the most efficient way possible. I am always intrigued by topics such as change management, process improvement, and team leadership. I admire those who humble themselves to the idea of continuous learning in this area- for the good of the employer and team “betterment”. It seems the ultimate goal of change management is to engage employees and encourage their adoption of a new way of doing their jobs. This could be a process, job role or organizational structure change. One thing’s for certain, this drive has to be promoted and practiced from top, down. There is a whole system of people in the organization responsible for supporting employees while this transition goes on. Effectively managing change requires a system of employee- “actors” all moving in unison and fulfilling their particular role based on their unique relationship to the change at hand.

Anup said...

I really liked Shawn presentation in CAC. Sometimes we tend to forget the word "sustainable" when we talk about change management. As a developer, we can offer business with IT solution but sometimes, it gets so hard to explain if it will be sustainable or not. Technology keeps on changing. We have to admit the fact that the technology we are using right now, will change in next 5 years. Microsoft came up with Windows Vista and most of the company started using Vista over XP. However, people found more flaws in Microsoft Vista that XP when it came out. So when it comes to technology, I think it's better to wait before we adopt new technology because we don't know if it's going to be susatainable or not.

daniel john said...

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