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Monday, April 20, 2009

3D: TLC Conference Pannel Discussion

Yesterday, I had the privilege of moderating a panel with such virtual world notables as
at the 3D Training, Learning and Collaboration conference in Washington, DC.

Here is the slide show with some good links and some of the questions the panel expertly addressed.

View more presentations from kkapp.

One person requested some books on the topic of virtual worlds. In fact,Tony O'Driscoll and I are working on one called "Learning in 3D" but until that is published (fall 2009) other books of interest on the topic include:

The panel gave great insights into creating learning experiences such as having the learners dress as Kool-Aid men and go to a virtual night club to experience exclusion as described by Sarah. Mitzi discussed how her research is showing that the power or presence is extremely important for learning in a 3D environment. Dick discussed how he used virtual worlds to open up courses to students and how he visually displayed course requirements and created phone booths for student discussions. Chris talked about how good pedagogy in the physical world is good pedagogy in the virtual world and how he has seen both good and bad physical world and virtual world instruction. He discussed how he struggles to help others understand the impact of the virtual world environment on instruction.

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