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Friday, January 12, 2007

Industry News: Predictions for Biz and Industry

Over at Wired Blogs, they have posted predications for 2007 for business and industry as well as providing an opportunity for others to add their predictions, it is worth a read to see what is on the minds of non-learning and development folks and to read what they think about the future of technology and it's input on our lives.

I think two predications "The Power of Peer Production" and "The Open Everything Economy" both have huge implications for learning professionals. As many people in an organization provide knowledge that learners need to do their job, we need to help them develop the proper format and structure.

Also, the Open Source for software and even training will have a big impact in the near future.

Check out What are the most important biz/tech trends of 2007? And decide what trends you think are going to impact you this year as you design training.

Also check out the cool voting system they are using to capitalize on the "wisdom of crowds" we'll have to see next year which predictions proved to be correct.


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