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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Design: Informed Design

Here is an instructional design methodology that is worth investigating. It is called "Informed Design."

Informed Design, is a design pedagogy developed and validated through several National Science Foundation (NSF) projects conducted by the Hofstra Center for Technological Literacy. Informed design prompts research, inquiry, and analysis; fosters student and teacher discourse; and cultivates language proficiency.

Informed Design follows the traditional design process, but uses guided research and investigation to build student knowledge and skills required for the design. These Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) are the heart of the Informed Design process. They assist students in learning key concepts in mathematics, science and engineering/technology that are related to the design challenge.

In the process of informed design, learners acquire knowledge to inform their understanding before they begin designing. Design teams of learners clarify specifications and constraints; research the problem; generate alternatives; justify the optimal design; develop, test, evaluate, and modify the solution; and communicate achievements in a class presentation and final design report.

You can learn more and obtain Informed Design Resources here.

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