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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out and About: Which Superheros are my Sons?

So once I took the quiz, we got both boys involved in the quest to see who was whom among superheros. So...continuing with the "Which Superhero are You Quiz" (see below)my youngest son is Ironman.

His attributes are Inventor. Businessman. Genius. I think it pretty much fits him. He is curious, has a good head for numbers and constantly amazes me with how smart he is (no bias of course)

My oldest son is The Flash. It says that he is Fast, Athletic and Flirtatious. He does run cross-country and he does like all kinds of sports. But what has me worried is the Flitratious. He is just about 13 and certainly has girls on his radar. HMMM, I'd better keep and eye on the Flash.


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