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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: The Future of E-Learning

I think the future of e-learning revolves, in a large way, around the use of 3D worlds and avatars...I'm not the only one, IBM believes this as well...

Employees of tomorrow will inhabit virtual worlds like Second Life to hold live weekly meetings with co-workers, catch up over lunch with financial advisers, and join friends on virtual shopping excursions after work.

Meet me in my avatar's office explains some of the vision of IBM.

However, I am not sure the actual vehicle will be Second Life. Recently, I was given the opportunity to play with a product created by a company called ProtonMedia.

The product is called the ProtoSphere. This interactive 3D environment was built for learning with Voice Over the Internet (VoIP), application sharing, whiteboards, and virtual meeting spaces. It speaks the SCORM language and looks a lot like Second Life only with a cleaner interface.

This summer I am going to put the product through its paces as I use it for my class "Learning in 3D." I will provide feedback and information on this blog so stay tuned for more information on ProtoSphere: Second Life for Learning

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