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Friday, March 28, 2008

Second Life Webinar-Today

ID Stadium which is used for in-world presentations.

Today I am presenting a webinar titled "Second Life in Education" for NETWORKS which is is a National Science Foundation Resource Center that is focused on the advancement of semiconductor, automated manufacturing, and electronics education. NETWORKS has a Digital Repository that contains classroom ready resources that are current, relevant, and easy to implement into a curriculum.

NETWORKS also provides a National Faculty Externship Program, Online Webinars, and TechSpectives Blog to keep educators up-to-date with emerging technologies and educational issues. Educators, companies, non-profits and others can join NETWORKS and help create a community of education and industry partners dedicated to the ongoing development of a highly skilled workforce.

It is a great resource, you should check it out. NETWORKS is part of MATEC which is housed at Maricopa Community College. You can also check out their blog written by Mark Viquesney called TechSpectives.

So today I am going to discuss the basics of Second Life and how it can be used in educational settings effectively. To help emphasize my point, here are some video clips and resources webinar attendees may find helpful.

Video showing the educational uses of Second Life created by students.

Interactive science lab created by a team at Ohio State through NSF funding.

To really get immersed in Second Life, attend this U2inSL Concert...not the real thing but close.

Here are some links to other information and resources:

Here is the video for the Second Life office clip.

Virtual Jeans=Real Jeans. Great story about virtual manufacturing in Second Life.

Second Life Books. Here is a list of three books that are helpful for learning about Second Life.

Second Life Resourses. Here are some additional Second Life resources and information.

Also check out the Second Life Education Wiki.

Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets
Recommended Games and Gadgets
Recommended Books
Content Guide


Mark Viquesney said...

Thanks Karl for a great presentation. Everyone learned a lot. All of NetWorks resources are free. So if you missed Karl's presentation, just go to NetWorks and in the keyword search, type "webinar second life." Thank you again Karl! And thank you again to Gordon and Mike for asking to borrow Karl's island...

Anonymous said...

Comparing the cost to the results of Second Life, would you consider the program a viable option for Secure immersive training. Also will companies take this seriously?