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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Iron Chef of ID

Last year (seems like a long time ago), I was named one of 2007's Most Influential Training professionals by TrainingIndustry Inc. which was nice but, in no way compares to the honor of being "named", The Iron Chef of ID by Robyn and Brandy at Dishing Design: Making Great Recipes for Learning.

The site is a cooking-oriented ID site, the focus is on design but it uses cooking related metaphors to get the point across.

Here is the instant replay of how I "captured/manipulated" the title:

Background: When Dishing Design was first created, I was listed on the blog roll as "Master Chef". So I sent a quick email and the following chain resulted. NOTE: This relates to the original Iron Chef, not the current American Iron Chef which is not the same at all!

Me: Love Dishing Design, when I have some time I will be adding some comments, but just one simple request...instead of Master Iron Chef available?

Dishing Design: LOL – Absolutely you may be the Iron Chef of Dishing Design – does this mean some day we will have to challenge you? ;) Nice, Dr. Kapp! You can be Iron your request!

Me: Yes, you will have to challenge me in "ID Stadium" with the secret ingredient of... "concepts"

Dishing Design: You're on! That just so happens to be my specialty dish! hahaha... Ok, I'm done now.

Me: And if the challenger wins...she will have the accolades of all the land.
Chairman Kaga may, one day, oversee the Iron Chef ID Battle in ID Stadium.

Ok, so a little diversion in the land of ID...but seriously, I urge you to hop over to Dishing Design and see what they are "cooking up." Some good things are happening in the ID Kitchen. And metaphors are good ways of teaching concepts.


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