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Monday, March 31, 2008

Bored?-Try Dissecting a Frog

This has been around for a while but is a great example of using technology to help teach and save resources. It is a lot of fun. So, if you have a few moments, try dissecting this virtual frog. Good for science and saves frogs! Go to Virtual Frog Dissection and start cutting.

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Dawn Koons-Gill, School Director said...

Can't WAIT to try the frog!! Great post!

Mr. Philip L. Thomas said...

This is a great example of how some school districts can use technology to facilitate the learning of subjects like biology. Lots of school districts can't afford to provide each student with the tools necessary to perform tasks such as dissecting a cat, fetal pig, or frog so by allowing students to virtually accomplish the same thing, students can work together thus helping with the transfer of knowledge.

I wish my AP Bio class had this!

Clamanda said...

I am an Instructional Design student at Bloomsburg University. This semester my team wrote a buisness summary about eLearning simulations. Before the assignment, I had no idea that simulations could be so helpful and realistic. I think they're a great resource to use in the classroom that either can't afford the real deal, or is interested in preserving our natural resources.

Nicole said...

I think this is a great and interactive way to learn. When i saw the frog image, it reminded me of when i was in AP Bio and I had to use my hands to disect a frog! I went to high school here in Bloomsburg, it's a small school,we used to have 3 or more to a group to disect whatever it was we were disecting in class. I then switched schools and this time it was a bigger high school and there in Bio we had 2 in a group, they could afford enough proper equipment. This program I think would be interesting to have around here and see how it works out, even for a trial period with a class. Then maybe the students that are opposed to disecting animals because it's inhumane, will still be able to do the lesson and learn what they are supposed to be learning.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic example of how technology can be used in the classroom. There are some situations where I feel like online education is a bit unnecessary, but the sciences should be taking full advantage of technology. My experience with dissection was horrid. Many things went wrong from students in the class that did not want to dissect a real animal, to others were game but made improper incisions and ruined organs. Any type of situation that calls for numerous repetitions could benefit from an online environment. Students are offered a dynamic way to familiarize themselves with the animal and practice dissection as many times as they see fit. This would save resources and enforce learning.