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Monday, February 25, 2008

Second Life Books: ASTD

Here are the slides for the ASTD TechKnowledge Presentation. It was an all day workshop and we spent most of the time in Second Life but you may find the slides helpful.

For the ASTD Conference, we talked about a couple of books used for Second Life.
Here are the links:

Other resources:

SL Portal
LSL Wiki

Here is a post to additional links:
Second Life Resourses: Supporting NCTT Opening Address


Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets
Recommended Games and Gadgets
Recommended Books
Content Guide


Lisa Gualtieri said...

Is there really anything different about Second Life than the virtual worlds I used to use to teach in such as WorldsAway other than the greater availability of books and other forms of documentation?

Karl Kapp said...

I am not familiar with WorldsAway but I would imagine if it was a 3D world where you could buy and sell items and create your own belongings than it is similar. Many people tend to forget that Second Life is just one of many metaverses which all have similar characteristics.

Poonam Sharma said...


I thought you would be interested in this bit of news. Though this is not about use of gaming in instruction design: