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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Social Media for Trainers: Filled with Great Ideas and Techniques

So this is wild for me, first time I am a tour stop on a blog book tour! I've been an author on blog book tours but now I get to be a stop on a tour and I couldn't be happier to be a stop for my friend and prolific author, Jane Bozarth.

Social Media for Trainers
is a great book for understanding the ways to leverage social media to extend training beyond the traditional four walls. Jane does a great job of keeping the information simple, straight forward and to the point. She starts with a basic description of social media and then covers all the biggies, Twitter, Facebook(online communities), Blogs, and wikis.

But she doesn't stop there. Instead she continues to describe other tools from Google (Wave and Docs), YouTube, TeacherTube and a half a dozen others. And even though Google Wave is no longer supported, I have a number of students who are using it for group work, so I have found the information useful. But, that's just the danger of writing a book on the "bleeding edge" of technology, at press time Wave was big but as technology ebbs and flows, Wave is not so big. Additionally, the ideas behind using Wave presented by Jane are applicable for other collaborative tools. And Kudos to Jane for writing at the edge of technology.

I think that if you are a learning and development professional, you need to invest in this book to gain the most out of social media, however, I suspect that most people reading blogs and participating in a blog tour are comfortable with some Web 2.0, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the book for your colleagues who may not be as comfortable with these technologies as you are.

However, even veterans can pick up a few goodies. Jane's book taught be about Twaitter and gave me some new ideas about using Facebook. So, as I said on the back cover of the book (because I got the privilege of being a reviewer)..Social Media for Trainers is a practical, intelligent book teaching trainers how to effectively utilize technology for real learning outcomes."

I just want to add one last item which is the fact that the book is as applicable for teachers as it is for trainers with attitudes like the one I wrote about in Advice to Teachers in Florida: Don't use Facebook with Students we need to present the positive and productive side of social media and this book does an excellent job of doing that with enough detail to walk even the most unsure trainer or teacher through the necessary steps. So grab a copy, jump into the social media surrounding the book launch (Facebook, blog book tour, Twitter) and learn first hand about social media for trainers.

Take a look at the blog book tour schedule  and watch for the posts from my colleagues. Many thanks to them for their help with this project!

More? Follow "Social Media for Trainers" on the book's Facebook page and on on Twitter @SoMe4Trainers  (use #SoMe4Trainers).

Some of the book's Jane has written or contributed to, click through the images to see Social Media for Trainers and the other books by Jane:

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EJ said...

Great post! I think many traditional educators dismiss web 2.0 tools like social networking as nonproductive ways to use the Internet but I think on the contrary, elearning developers should incorporate these innovation in their e learning authoring tools for learners to utilize.