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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Office 2007 Training for Teachers: In Bite Sized Pieces

What? You say, teachers have limited time? Yet, they still need to keep up with kids, administrative rules and technology? How can they do all that?

Mark discusses a Office 2007 Screen 

One way is through a unique offering by the Training video
production company
- The 8.45 Club. The company creates 15 minutes of education in a video and screen shot format that can be viewed when convenient for the learner.

For this project, the company created Office 2007 training delivered in 40+ bite-sized video modules, totalling five hours of learning in total. Teachers can dip in and out to suit them – learning when they need to and not being limited to when a trainer is in a classroom after school. It is structured so that staff can learn at the pace they want to, or jump straight to a particular topic.

Which sounds like a new way to do in-service teaching. As Mark Copeman, the founder of the 8:45 Club says, “We’ve already got our first 500 teachers signed up to use the course – and currently, the most popular module is on shortcuts." “The really great thing about the course website, is that users can track the time they spend learning and submit a certificate towards their Continuous Professional Development time for that school year."

On demand learning for teachers, what a great idea.

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Mark Copeman said...

Hi Karl,

Appreciate you taking the time to write about the course - it's been really well received so far - looking forward to rolling it out further.

I've been inspired myself while producing the course - seems a perfect way to deliver many different kinds of software training - because you can address all levels by allowing users to choose the content they need, WHEN they need it and WHEREVER they are.

Keep up the good work,

Best wishes,

EJ said...

I think online learning is the perfect cost effective training solutions for software learners.