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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Presentations in Atlanta and Finland

Later this week, I will be presenting at the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Exposition better known as SIEGE.

Here is a description of my presentation:
Why 3D Matters for Learning and Collaboration?

Do 3D graphics and interactions really make a difference in how a learner interacts with content or other learners? Is a 2D environment as effective for serious games as a 3D environment? Studies are beginning to reveal the elements that make 3d characters more engaging and intriguing to learners. Additionally, research has indicated that the interactions learners have with 3D characters have an impact on learners behavior both within the 3D environment and for some time after the learner leaves that 3D environment. It turns out that 3D does make a difference in terms of learning, motivation and impact on behavior. This session will discuss research that supports the argument that 3D learning environments add additional cues and inputs that make them ideal for teaching certain types of content.

It promises to be an interesting conference with lots of good information on "serious games" and game design and development in general. I hope to come home with some great ideas from the game developers for elearning and instructional games.

Also, later this month, I am travelling to Finland to speak at the Learning in Different Worlds Conference, October 7-8, Lahti, Finland. Along with Ken Hudson, I am a keynote speaker at the event.

I will be speaking on the topic of Learning in 3D: How Immersive Virtual Environments are being leveraged to add value to enterprise learning and collaboration

I am looking forward to the trip and will be sending back reports as the conference unfolds. I have a great dinner planned with some of the other presenters and will be taking notes as the topic of virtual worlds is explored at an international level.
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