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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Building a 3D Environment? Consider these Design Principles and Questions

Here is a table from Learning in 3D (shown below) that describes many different design considerations and the associated questions you want to ask when building a 3D learning experience.

Answering these questions will help you to develop effective instruction within 3D environments.

Design Principle
Key Questions To Consider
Instructionally Grounded
§  Is the learning intervention addressing a vetted business need?
§  Are the learning objectives optimized to address the business need?
§  Is and 3DLE the most efficient and effective mechanism for transferring the learning?
§  Does the design place the participants in the center of the experience?
§  What role(s) do the participants play in the experience?
§  What actions and interactions can the participants take to encounter teachable moments within the experience?

Contextually Situated
§  What situational contexts best accommodate the learning objectives of the intervention?
§  What is the role of the facilitator, other participants and the environment itself in creating an authentic situational context for learning?

§  What is the minimum set of guidelines that need to be established to catalyze action within the learning experience?
§  What information or incentives can be selectively revealed within the learning experience to motivate engagement and collaborative action within the experience?

§  What is the set of episodic activities that will immerse the participants in the learning experience?
§  What are the key actions and interactions within these episodes that trigger teachable moments for the participants?

§  How will participants be required to demonstrate their ability to perform?
§  How is iterative trial and error and feedback built into the learning experience?

Collaboratively Motivated
§  How will collaborative and co-creative action on the part of the teams be incented and rewarded?

Reflectively Synthesized
§  How is personal reflection accommodated in the design?
§  How are team after-action reviews accommodated in the design?
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