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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Lessons Learned from a 3D Virtual Immersive Environment Implementation

Here are three "lessons learned" in from an actual 3D virtual world implementation. And for tips on piloting a virtual world implementation see blog entries Diffusions of Innovations and Implementing New Learning Technology? Choose the Right Pilot Group.


Lesson 1:Understand the client’s learning needs, participant volume requirements, technology access and security requirements, and participant appetite for working with new technologies. Use all of this information to select the right platform to meet the client’s needs at that point in time. As clients mature in their use of and experience with Virtual Immersvie Environments, you can move them from less sophisticated platforms to more elaborate ones.

Lesson 2: Whatever platform you choose, it is critical to provide participants with an On-Ramp to help them become comfortable with the technology. Time must be allocated in advance of the program to provide basic instruction on platform navigation and mentoring must be made available. It is important to separate the learning associated with coming up to speed on the platform from the learning that will be delivered within the program. If participants have to learn both at the same time, it usually results in frustration.

Lesson 3: Don’t assume that what works in the classroom or in traditional events translates to the virtual environment. Learning in virtual worlds is more experiential, action oriented and social. Focus must be placed on function and interactivity when designing 3D learning environments. Also be sure to allow plenty of time for unstructured interaction. Create purposeful space and time for informal and serendipitous interactivity in your design

These lessons excerpted from;

See Eight 3D Virtual World Design Principles for ideas on designing your own 3D learning event.

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