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Monday, March 08, 2010

Contest: Test Your 3D Instructional Design Skills and Win Some Free Software

Here is a contest where you can put your design skills to use and win some nifty software:

Caspian Learning today announced their plans to launch a Serious Games Challenge worth £3000 ($4, 514.79 USD) worth of software to the winner.  The competition is free to enter and open to all aspiring instructional designers.  Caspian Learning will also be providing designers with free trial copies of their proprietary 3d engine and authoring tool, Thinking Worlds, to allow them to take part in the challenge.

Caspian Learning, award winning developer of Thinking Worlds, a commercially available software platform that enables the cost-effective, rapid development of engaging 3D immersive learning simulations and serious games, today announced plans to launch their first Serious Games Challenge at the Game Based Learning Conference on 28th March 2010.  The challenge will pit instructional designers of all experience levels against each other in a 30 day Serious Games Challenge to create the most innovative learning simulation using drag and drop Thinking Worlds technology.
Lee Rushworth, Marketing Executive for Caspian Learning, said that he “hoped the challenge would encourage instructional designers who had expressed an interest in 3d simulations but not yet made the jump to develop in 3d to take up the challenge and let their creativity run wild.”
The Serious Games Challenge will be launched from Caspian Learning’s ‘Experience Lounge’ exhibition stand at the Game Based Learning conference on 28th March 2010.  The £3000 Serious Games Challenge will be open to everyone, whether individual or corporate, and will last for 30 days.  Entries will be valid until the 30th April, at which time, Caspian Learning’s industry-leading design team will select a winner from the entries.
The winner will be the designer (or team) that submits the most innovative 3d learning, training or performance simulation by the 30th April 2010.  The winner of the challenge will also receive a licensed copy of Thinking Worlds Standard, worth £2999. 
The challenge marks the first of its kind and Lee Rushworth said that he thought “the challenge would mark an important stage in the lifecycle of browser based 3d simulations that makes the technology available to create them both accessible and affordable and would firmly underline the growing demand for more immersive learning simulations.”
To take part in the 30 Day Serious Games Challenge, all you need to do is download a free trial copy of Thinking Worlds and submit your entries by April 30th, 30 days after the Experience Lounge launch.
Download your free trial at Thinking Worlds web site.


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1 comment:

Lee Rushworth said...

Just clarify Karl, the winner will receive a Thinking Worlds Standard license worth £3000, not £3000 in cash!