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Friday, March 05, 2010

Appearing "Live and in Person" on EdTechTalk Friday--Today

Today at Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST), I will be chatting with Cammy Bean and Robert Squires about Instructional Design at EdTechTalk.

EdTechTalk is a community of educators interested in discussing and learning about the uses of educational technology. The group webcasts several live shows each week. During shows, listeners can use any common media player (i.e. Windows Media Player, Real Player, or iTunes) to listen to the discussion and use the chat room to make comments and ask questions.

Specifically, I will be on the Instructional Design Live show.

Instructional Design Live is an opportunity for instructional designers and professionals engaged in similar work to discuss effective online teaching and learning practices. Each week features guest interviews and participant question and answer sessions. I have to say that I am humbled to be on the show as last week's guest was Charles Reigeluth from Indiana University who's books I studied in graduate school and still reference when teaching and consulting.

In my session, we'll be discussing:

  • The differences in how ID is practiced in academia vs. corporate. Are there different competencies and skills being practiced in these realms?
  • Thinking about ID in the future...what skills will someone need? what will ID look like?

For more details and to join in the live session, go to EdTechTalk Instructional Design live web page click on Participate Live and go from there! Hope to "see you there."


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