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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nine Information Alternatives to the Now Defunct Training Magazine (now 10 after fix of omision)

Unfortunately, Training Magazine is folding up shop on its web site, print magazine and conferences.

You can read some posts about its closing:
Fortunately, over the past few years a number of information sources have arisen that can provide good, solid information about the industry. Here are some magazine type places you can visit. Not to mention tons of blogs that regularly write about elearning, learning and technology.

***UPDATE AND HUGE OMISSION**** The first time I posted this entry, I forgot a trusted and extensive resource which was number one on my list but, somehow, as I copied and pasted from my Word document and posted today's blog entry, I omitted

It's an ironic oversight since I refer to the web site all the time for industry information, insights and innovation, I blog at the site and I have contributed to their learning content network. It is a great site and well respected in the industry as an invaluable information resource.

The omission is embarrassing and I feel horrible as I know Doug Harward and several of the folks involved with TrainingIndustry and have always respected their work and efforts in moving the industry forward. Please take a moment and check them out. They also have the great Learning Content Network that has hundreds of courses on every topic from sales to presentations to time management and business acumen.

  • Provides insights from experts in the field, links to industry happenings, information on creating effective instruction, the site has cutting-edge information organized and aggregated into several learning communities, this valuable resource spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies, best practices, and product and supplier information from and about the training industry. They also sponsor learning communities and the Learning Content Network with hundreds of courses from time management to presentation skills to business acumen. Plus they have Training Industry Quarterly.
  • ELearning! Magazine Provides articles, news and resources about elearning design, development and the industry.
  • eLearnMagazine Contains articles on technology, business, culture as well as blogs, a rich archive and great opinion pieces. And every year, they publish the much anticipated elearning predications. (Confession, I am on the editorial board of eLearnMagazine.)
  • Chief Learning Officer This resource provides guidance and insight to global enterprise education executives--commonly called Chief Learning Officers (CLO). People who oversee, authorize, fund and support learning and development programs. .
  • eLearning Learning Set up by Tony Karrer, this site aggregates over one hundred blogs and provides access to the topic content on a monthly basis.
  • Training Blogs An aggregator, using PageFlakes, showing some blogs in the training/learning blogosphere that I set up with Steve Woodruff.
  • Stephen Downes publishes OLDaily (Register for the daily news briefs here.) This is a great daily briefing of interesting and thought provoking blog entries from around the globe and the education/training/learning blogosphere. Actually, you should already be reading this.
  • Learning Solutions Magazine This is published by the eLearning Guild. The resource is geared toward anyone involved in the management, design, development, and implementation of e-Learning. The online edition of the magazine was launched in November 2009.
  • Learning Circuits The online publication of ASTD which contains articles written on a variety of topics centered around online learning. And of course ASTD's T&D Magazine contains good information about learning and development as well.
  • Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Provides information about virtual worlds and the impact in a variety of fields including learning and development.
What information sources do you use that are missing? Add them to the comments.
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Liz said...

Of course, as editor of the following [disclaimer!], I'd like to add The Bob Pike Group's monthly ezine (free) with a sign-up at the left side of our home page, and Bob Pike's Creative Training Techniques newsletter--not so much news and theories as interactive tips you can implement immediately in your training. $1 trial for 3 months promo going on now

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Karl. Elearning! Magazine has been around since 2000. Thanks for reminding us all about the great people who built this industry... and continue to contribute.
Best- Catherine Upton, Publisher