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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RWD Speaks about Using 3D Virtual Environments for Learning and Collaboration

At the ASTD Conference, I had the privilege of interviewing a couple of folks who are pioneering the use of 3D virtual environments across the enterprise. As indicated in this blog earlier in the week, RWD has entered into a partnership with ProtonMedia to make ProtoSphere available to its clients.

I was lucky enough to be at the conference and two interview people from RWD and ask them about the partnership.I spoke with Mal Poulin, Enterprise Market Director for RWD, and Paul Bejgrowicz, Principal Performance Consultant for RWD

We conducted the interview in the thick of the conference so its is a little loud but interesting information from RWD's perspective in terms of them trying to bring 3D virtual enterprise solutions into the market place.
Mal Poulin, Paul Bejgrowicz and Karl Kapp discuss the use of 3D virtual
 world ProtoSphere and it potential impact on the learning and collaboration space.

Here is the full interview and, pay close attention to the last question, they are reading some interesting stuff:)

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