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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Few Quotes in Praise of Video Games

When asked about the value of video games Daphne Bavelier, an assistant professor in the department of brain and cognitive science at the University of Rochester said "People that play these fast-paced games have better vision, better attention and better cognition." Bavelier also said games could be developed that would harness the positive effects of the first-person shooter games without the violence.

President Barack Obama recently identified the creation of good educational software as one of the "grand challenges for American innovation."

Sigmund Tobias of the State University of New York at Albany said an Israeli air force study found that students who played the game "Space Fortress" had better rankings in their pilot training than students who did not.

Sigmund Tobias also pointed out that that students who played "pro-social" games that promote cooperation were more likely than others to help out in real-life situations like intervening when someone is being harassed.

**These quotes lifted from an article in the Huffington Post titled Violent Video Games Touted As Learning Tool

Also, check out this "ancient" but still relevant paper titled Video Games and the Future of Learning.

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