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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Five 3D Environments on Your 2D Laptop

Here are five products on the market today that allow you to escape the 2D environment of your laptop and add a third dimension to your file structure, navigation and functionality. 3D interfaces are starting to appear everywhere for your laptop, iPad or other portable computing devices. Check them out.

Recently, Google has purchased a 3D interface that is pretty slick for the desktop called is a video showing how it works:

You can do a semi-3D search with SpaceTime 3D which shows web pages scrolling one after another in a carousel format.

Tactile 3D allows you to organizing your files and directories customizing their position in a 3D space. All common file operations are supported and can be shown in 3-dimensions.

The 3B Browser lets you take any web site or photo and place them in a personalized 3D space, your 3B room. You can add many web sites and have a complete gallery where you, as an avatar, and a friend or two can walk around a 3D space and look at the web sites together.


The company 3DNA provides different 3D Add-on Worlds to explore and customize for an immersive and entertaining desktop. 3DNA is not a replacement for Windows - it works seamlessly with your current set up, while providing 3D environments in which to view your information. You can hang photos on your walls and explore 3D spaces with many different environments to choose from.

So, you might not be ready to jump into a 3D world like ProtoSphere, OLIVE or Second Life but, are you ready for a 3D environment to make your laptop a little less...boring and a little more productive?

If you'd rather check out 3D worlds see:__
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